Web Hosting deals with free domain names


Web hosting is the very important to have a website in the internet as it alone determines the time period of a website’s existence in the internet and also the accessibility, view ability and usability of a website.

After a website is created it is hosted on some web server according to the size and quality of the website to be hosted. Also, cost plays a major role in web hosting. In recent times web hosting services have become very competitive with a lot of web hosting companies offering excellent features and services at a competitive price.

This has led to the introduction of various additional services by the hosting companies like web designing and programming using website builder software offered by them, more storage space and email accounts. However, only a few web hosting companies are willing to offer free domain web hosting where the website owner can choose the domain name for his website free of cost. Domain name of a website is like the title or address of the website and is the most important part of a website.