How to Prevent Identity Theft Online – Safe Web Browsing


With most of the websites asking for a sign up and offering log- in, it becomes a tedious task to remember the login information for all of them. And at the same time, too much of an user’s presence over online increases his risk of someone else stealing their identity by hacking their profile. Some of the most useful and must followed methods to prevent identity theft online are as follows.

First of all, avoid using the same passwords for all the sites you have to log in everyday and that too do not keep your passphrase unchanged for a long time say more than a year and it is better to change all your passwords at least once in three months. Then check the website’s URL, page design to find out if it is a phishing site or not and try to login using “https” secured connection as much as possible.

Clear your browser’s cache memory at least once every day and never store your passwords in your browsers. Always keep your passwords as a combination of characters, numbers and symbols. To avoid forgetting passwords save them in separate documents and keep it password protected.